Injection Moulding Injection Moulding

With our modern machine park, we specialize in the production of large-volume plastic parts.

Our employees and the consistent implementation of the motto 'difficult is easy for us' are the components of success for high customer satisfaction and growth.

We process common technical plastics such as ABS, POM, PA6.6, PPS, PBT, PP, PMMA and many other materials on 10 modern robot-controlled ENGEL machines with clamping forces from 88 kN to 2300 kN and a shot weight of up to 8000 g.

We are a top supplier, owner-managed and ISO 9001 certified.

A direct contact person, supported by digital processing and confidentiality agreements, is part of a successful collaboration.

Injection Moulding

Injection moulding machines

On a modern machine park with 10 ENGEL systems, ranging from 88 to 2300 tons of clamping force, we produce a wide variety of injection molded parts and injection molded assemblies.

JM 88 - MK688167
JM 258 - MK6258502
ES 3550 / 400HL5002482
DUO 3660 / 5005001385
DUO 940M / 940H / 650 Combi500432
DUO 4550 / 7007002480
DUO 5160 / 7007002061
DUO 4550 / 8007002480
DUO 7050 / 100011005430
DUO 12060 / 110011004670
DUO 11050 / 150015008160
DUO 16050 / 230023008870

Injection moulding machines Injection moulding machines Injection moulding machines Injection moulding machines
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